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Being a Significant investor in Australia permits you to stay here for an indefinite time. It provides a way of achieving permanent residency for investors and entrepreneurs. To be eligible for this, one is required to maintain investment activities in Australia and must have invested at least 5 million in Australian dollars (AUD).

However, significant Investor comes along with complex tax compliance obligations. Worry not, we offer you guidance and advisory and a lot of services to get you through.

We have expertise and experience in investment immigration accounts of the business.(highlight) We have been successful in helping clients all over the globe in completing investment immigration. The procedure for becoming a Significant Investor requires a lot of procedures and has a lot of checks. But of course, the result is worth it.

We help you throughout the process of business investment immigration. (highlight)  We shall also communicate with agents and keep a follow up of your business process. This ensures that all the requirements of every stage of immigration are met adequately. We ensure all the processes are done quickly, without any failure. We understand that any failure in the process can cause a major setback to your plans. We help you invest smartly and gain maximum benefits.

We offer various services that can ease the complex jobs involved in the process for you. Here’s a list of these

  1. Accounting services for businesses such as Payroll Services, Bookkeeping, and Record-Keeping.
  2. Tax compliance which also includes Tax returns and Business activity related statements.
  3. Accessing tax obligation of income in the investments in the trust of management investment.
  4. Finance Statements that meet immigration requirements.