Corporate Tax

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At SWA, we understand the corporate tax environment can be complex to understand for management and shareholders. There is never a one-size-fit-all approach when it comes to taxation. This is why we partner with our clients to understand their requirements whether it be an acquisition, divestment, expansion offshore or simply to rationalise a historically complex structure. SWA is committed to exploring opportunities together with our clients and providing the desired tax effective outcomes for your business needs.

Smart Wealth Advisors can help with:

Tax compliance Tax consolidation Mergers and acquisitions Thin capitalisation
  • Preparing and lodging income tax returns for tax consolidated groups, companies, trusts, and partnerships
  • Considering the controlled foreign company (CFC) rules for corporate groups with offshore operations
  • Maintaining the franking account and advising on means of profit distributions
  • Advising on the satisfaction of tax loss carry back rules (new from 2020-21Federal Budget announcement) and tax loss carry forward rules including the continuity of ownership test and similar business test
  • Compliance reviews/health checks
  • Outlining the advantages and disadvantages of forming a Tax Consolidated Group
  • Advising on implications for when one group acquires another or an entity leaves a Consolidated Group
  • Advising on the implications for continued availability of tax losses being brought into the group and re-setting the tax base of the underlying assets
  • Advising on structuring a merger or acquisition transaction
  • Preparing for and executing an initial public offer
  • Undertaking tailored tax due diligence procedures to ensure key issues are identified to the relevant stakeholders
  • Considering ownership structures of international corporations in respect to the thin capitalisation rules
  • Structuring the debt and equity mix in a transaction to ensure that the deductibility of interest is not compromised


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