Indirect Tax

1. Payroll Tax

Payroll tax is the tax that you pay to the government, from the employee’s salary, wage, or tips, on their behalf. It can really be hectic to calculate and reconcile it for each of your employees and staff, especially if you have a huge firm with a lot of employees.

We help reduce your stress and calculate the payroll tax monthly and reconcile them for you.  We also include a detailed file so that you can cross-check and be assured and satisfied.

2. Land Tax

Land tax is the tax you pay to your territory and state governments for all the lands you own. In case of business, it’s the tax you pay for the office and land that possessed and utilized by the business. It is an annual tax you pay at the end of each financial year. These are different for territory and state governments. 

We understand that different types of taxes will cause you confusion, and late payment of taxes will bring you unnecessary fines. Our services help you by managing these for you. It helps keep a record of your taxes and helps you to be punctual, hence avoiding delays and fines. We have expertise as well as experience in completing the taxes with complete responsibility.

3. Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is the tax that the territory and state governments charge you for certain transactions and documents. These are usually related to buying of a new property. Stamp duty taxes are complex as they are different for both territory and state governments. Please do not worry, we will take care of these matters for you.

We offer you services that aid you and make your business life smooth and easy. We understand the meaning of confidentiality and keep your details safe with us. With our expertise and experience, we get your job done really fast and quick, and we promise full support throughout the process.

4. Landholder Duty

Landholder duty is similar to conveyance duty. It taxes the indirect transfer of property, as in the transfer of shares in the company that has ownership of a land in ACT. If the share market and these taxes confuse you, then getting our services is a great choice for you.

We can provide you with experts who will not only help you understand these taxes but shall also manage them for you.

5. Goods and Services Tax

GST is the tax that is paid by enterprises and businesses that sell goods and provide services. Every business must have an arrangement for GST, which can otherwise lead to severe complications, including heavy losses. Taxes often complicate the process of selling and purchasing products.

If you are setting up your business, we can be your best approach for GST services. We can help you set up the mechanism of GST in your business. We are experienced in providing GST services and can make your tax-paying experience easy.

6. Capital Gains Tax

It is the tax you pay on gain of capital, which is mostly from selling shares, real estate, etc. It can be difficult to manage and track these gains. Here’s where we step in.

We help you manage your taxes without any worry. We assure you of punctuality and accuracy. We might actually save you some penny as there are various clauses to this tax of which you might not even be aware of. Our expertise and experience help us provide you the best services, especially financial services such as these.



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