Payroll Service Package

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Staffs and employees form a major part of one’s business. Employers are obligated to pay staffs salaries and super on time, pay withholding tax (Pay-As-You-Go Withholding) on behalf of the employees and to assign correct leave entitlement for each pay cycle. If not done accurately, it can lead to miscommunications and losses.

You will be offered an efficient, effective, and professional payroll service package which can help with avoiding any delays and mismanagements. In managing the payroll with all aspects, we help you focus on your business.

Payroll Service Package consists of a multitude of services that are important for running a business. Here is a list of services that come under this package:

  • Payroll System

Setting up the payroll system is an essential step. If not establish correctly, you may need to conduct complex calculations and adjustments later.

  1. Setting up and updating the employees information in the payroll system
  2. Monitoring the employee entitlements i.e. annual leave
  3. Lodging Tax File Number Declarations
  • Payroll Process

When the system is on the run, we need to process payroll calculations and management timely to ensure the salaries paid on time.

  1. Preparing payrolls and sending payslips at your pay run cycle (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  2. Lodging payslips for Single Touch Payroll
  3. Reviewing and recording the leave applications of employees
  4. Importing the leave applications in payroll system
  5. Reviewing and recording the employee reimbursements
  6. Processing the employee reimbursements
  7. Reviewing and lodging PAYG Withholding (PAYG-W)
  8. Reviewing and preparing quarterly superannuation payment
  9. Reconciling the End – of – Year wages and finalizing of the Single – Touch Payroll of the year
  • Payroll Tax Obligations Get Prepared

As required by NSW Government, the entities with wages more than $1.2 mil will need to pay payroll tax. The threshold may vary by states and also by years.

  1. Registration of Payroll tax
  2. Reconciling and lodging the payroll tax monthly
  3. Annually reconciling and lodging the tax return of payroll
  • NSW WorkCover Obligations Get Prepared
    1. We will discuss the WorkCover requirements with you prior to us preparing any registration documentation.
    2. NSW WorkCover registration will be prepared and arranged for you
    3. The Actual Wage Declaration form is prepared annually

Our Payroll Service Package is one of the most helpful services. When employees feel secured and assured, they perform their best. You will find the service valuable than expectation.


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