Compliance Service Package

Compliance is an absolute necessity for any business to flourish without any financial obstacles. Any default in compliance can cause heavy losses to your business, including loss of merchant account of yours. This can also mean that you shall not be able to receive or accept any credit card payments and your business will be fined huge charges. Surely, no one would want to risk this!

Our Compliance Service Package ensures that your company or business conforms to the regulations, standards, and laws of the industry. It helps you prevent your company from violating compliance rules as these get detected early. It also protects your company from any lawsuits and fines.

There is a requirement for responsible compliance services, which ensure that you do not suffer any loss. We provide just that! We offer you a responsible, experienced, and efficient compliance service package that your company requires and deserves. Here’s a list of activities and services that we provide under this package:

  • Preparing and lodging the (BAS) Business Activity Statements.

The reporting and remitting to the ATO for the Australian Goods and Service Tax should be done regularly, mostly on a quarterly basis. In case the business has a turnover of more or equal to $20 million, then the requirement of these, changes to a monthly basis.

  1. Lodging of BAS is to be done after the authority receipts.
  2. Annual GST is reconciled and relevant BAS adjustments are made.


  • Preparing the Financial Reports annually.

An Annual Financial Report is made to review work at the end of the year. From this, an annual report is prepared in your preferred format

  1. End of the year reports get reviewed
  2. End of the year journals are prepared
  3. We ensure that essential and necessary business records are well maintained for the entire financial year.
  4. If required, a statutory audit is supported.


  • Preparing and lodging the Income Tax Returns annually.
  1. The income tax returns are prepared annually
  2. If required, maintenance and application of tax consolidation group is done
  3. Calculation is done for joining as well as exiting ACA


  • Preparing and lodging the Annual FBT Return and any other FBT Declarations.

FBT, i.e., Fringe Benefits Tax, is paid by the employer to the employee or the associate of an employee, within non – salary benefits provided. The cost of preparing FBT return is mostly dependent upon the type and number of benefits that have been provided and also according to the value of these benefits.